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Week 4 | Data, Data, Data

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Data explosion
Learning Objectives: using examples,
  • describe and contrast four levels of measurement (Wikipedia)
  • illustrate the importance of, significance, reliability and validity (Confusing and Wikipedia)
  • contrast univariate and multivariate statistical tests (Wikipedia)
  • demonstrate signifcance level's relationship with Type I and Type II errors (Wikipedia)
  • illustrate three -- screen, diagnose, treat --  data cleaning phases (Data cleaning, data prep, Wikipedia)

Assigned Material
Discuss and Reflect
  • Who sets the significance level? When? How?
  • What data cleaning steps can one usually ignore? Why?
  • Why is reliability or validity more important than the other?

  • Quiz on week 3 and 4 learning objectives
  • Submit reflective essay (O)
  • Share cleanliness, measurement levels, reliability and validity for a data set related to your ANZMAC interests
  • Scan week 5 learning objectives

Complementary Content
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